Though we work with young adults from every walk of life (from those involved as full – time students to those who have full – time careers) one of the key foundational programs at Connect City is our Internship Program. Each year we seek to take on young emerging leaders who have a desire to gain ministry experience and develop their leadership potential. We send them out to do mission together while partnering with local urban churches or unique expressions of church in the city.  

At the beginning of our year we do not know what kind of mission the Lord will create through our Interns as they head out but we trust His Spirit to guide and direct our Interns into doing some God inspired things.  While our Interns are doing ministry Connect City comes alongside to train, coach and mentor them (and the churches they serve in) in their ministry and leadership development. At the same time we try to recruit other young adults to work alongside our Interns by joining them in their mission community and the work our Interns are involved in.  

There is a financial commitment we require from our Interns to cover housing, food, transportation and other costs. Interns are encouraged to raise their support and all donations are tax receiptable if from Canada or the U.S.A. Once accepted as an Intern, Connect will work with you in helping you raise your support.

If interested in becoming an Intern or Volunteer please fill out the form below: