We are fully aware that what we are doing needs to be empowered by the living and active presence of God. He must be in all we do. We also realize that we will be in the depths of enemy territory simply because we are involved in God’s greatest loves – His bride the church and those who do not yet know about His love for them. 

 If interested in being part of our Prayer Team please contact us and we will contact you on various ways you can pray for our work.

As for general prayer requests, they are as follows:


Pray to God to provide for all of our needs so we can be empowered through Christ to serve in His mission. Ask God to provide funding, volunteers, church partners, etc. to work with us in accomplishing the mission of God. Pray to the Holy Spirit to empower Connect City and the unique expressions of church we plant wherever we serve. Ask God to work through us in developing a movement of young adults who are sold out for Jesus and His mission.

Pray that God will work through the staff as they oversee Connect City. Ask God to  guide the Connect City team as they lead this ministry. Pray safety over their lives and their families. Ask God to empower them as they live surrendered lives to His will.

Pray that God will grant favour on Connect City and the unique expressions of church we have started. Pray for the communities we serve. Ask God to provide us safety and resources to bless the unique expressions of church we birth as well as the churches we work with.