Step Into The Light - Webinar / Seminar / Speaking

“What if the boundless love that we see in Jesus Christ isn’t just one of many traits of God? What if that infinite, absolute love is, well, everything?”

Are you filled with questions concerning your faith? Do you struggle with toxic images of God you might have in your mind or from what you have heard from others?  Are you confused with negative and violent portrayals of God as seen in the Bible or through various doctrines you were taught to believe? Are you in the process of deconstructing your faith but do not know how to reconstruct your faith? Are you looking for a safe forum that can create a healthy environment to allow for constructive discussion on questions that plague many Christians? Then why not host a “Step Into The Light” seminar / webinar based on the book; “Let The Light In”?

The author of “Let The Light In” has developed an interactive, 5 session webinar / live seminar based on the book that can help you and others understand:

  • The dangers of having a toxic image of God
  • The necessity of deconstruction as a healthy form of spiritual growth
  • How to read the Bible the way Jesus did – through a Jesus lens
  • Alternative, yet Biblical ways, to understand violent portrayals of God in the Scripture so that they actually reveal a loving God
  • Biblical challenges to doctrines that portray God in a negative light to different doctrines that reveal a God of love

If you or others are seeking lively and wholesome discussion and want to learn more about the matchless love of God then this webinar / seminar is for you. Feel free to request a booking for Colin McCartney to come and do a live seminar or, if distance is a concern, a webinar for your church, group, etc.

All bookings will be for September 2021 onwards.

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