Community & Covid 19

We have decided as a Connect City Team to start writing a personal blog. Since we’ve been resetting all that is normal and adding new ways of engaging, this seemed like a great way to bring our unique experiences to you!

One of the main questions circulating among my family, friends and ministry partners is “So… how is it going?” My response initially is where do I start. So I start at the beginning. I talk about family, my work and then how I’m doing – so I’ll use that framework to update you today. March 14 was when our Connect City Team started our arrival back to Canada. We had a productive time in the Florida area at a church planting conference and at the end some of our families joined us. We had a wonderful time together and enjoyed the warmth and excitement of Orlando and ending it with an incredible trip to Magic Kingdom. Little did we know what was awaiting us back home – self-isolation. Six weeks later the world continues to join us in self-isolation and social distancing in response to this global pandemic. Our new normal includes wipe downs of groceries, masks in public, being at least 6 feet apart in public and so on.

We are blessed to have both of our kids at home with us and as parents to adult children who have already launched and are independent; I’d say it’s such a gift to have them home. CJ has two businesses and he continues to be productive with personal training online and building his business. Victoria just finished her semester online and she is continuously writing music, creating and online presence and collaborating with other musicians and producers online. Proud of how industrious and positive both of them are in response to this global pandemic. We’ve done well with some minor resets. Like most families we go out only for essentials once a week, we have shared cooking times, everyone cleans their own messes, we play games, watch new Netflix shows and we try not to buy too many snacks!

I am Pastor of a home-based church called SoulHouse and we are doing well. My main parish are the folks who go to my church on Monday nights and my second parish is online; anyone who reaches out to me for spiritual direction or friendship I consider one of my congregants as well. My parish is global. My congregants are beautiful people and I’m
blessed to be their pastor through such challenging times. We connect online through Zoom Calls and Video Calls and I do a social distancing visit here and there. We have a weekly bible study through Zoom and we also celebrate communion together online.

I’m happy to report that I am doing well. There have been some hills and valleys and not just unique to my household. This is everyone’s journey around the world. I have a list of personal home projects that I’ve finished with more on the horizon. Cooking and baking is a family effort nowadays and I’m grateful to both of our kids who prioritize fitness inspiring both Colin and I to get moving and eat healthier! I’m grateful for family and friends who keep in touch and check –in to make sure I’m keeping it all at a balance. I’m grateful for walks with my husband and CoCo (our family dog) as well as some car drives that are such a treat. As I ponder all the changes that are happening globally and how it impacts me personally, the greatest lesson I’ve learned is SIMPLICITY. Relationships and faith are the two things that are most important. I’m so grateful for our health and I grieve for those who have lost loved ones, my prayer is that people will connect with hope and the Peace of Christ. I would like you to know I pray for you and I’m grateful for you.

In Christ,